Residential car parking stackers to multi level lift and slide parking systems to solve every parking problem

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Why parking lift systems and car stackers /car lifts are options you need to look at?

Do you remember May 2010 - Sydney’s Bondi Beach? A 13 sqm car parking space sold for an astounding $240,000.

Costing more than a new Porsche 911, it set a sale record for parking spots which had previously ranged from $60,000 to $140,000 in both the Sydney and Melbourne CBD’s.

It seems that rising property prices and the increase in high-density living means we are neglecting the practical need to securely and safely park vehicles off the street.

Let our friendly expert team solve your parking problems with our comprehensive range of top-quality car parking systems.

From residential car stackers custom fit to your space requirements, to multi-level and slide parking systems for commercial applications, we can supply your parking solution while also ensuring compliance with local regulations.

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